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Can KRY write first day certificate?

An employer has the right to request a medical certificate from the first day of illness rehabilitation or monitoring purposes.

Our doctors can write medical certificates on condition that no need for physical examination is required for the certificate. It is up to each doctor to make an individual assessment of you as a patient.

Generally, you can stay at home and be ill without medical certificate during 7 calendar days. An employer may request a medical certificate earlier than this, a so-called first day certificate (in support of the Act, which entered into force in 2008), if there are special reasons. Special reasons may for example be repeated short periods of illness or well-founded reason to suspect cheating.

The idea of ​​this rule in the act is, therefore, not that all employers may apply for a first day certificate for all employees in general. In order for an employer to apply for a first day certificate, there must be a written request. This written request for substitute certificate must not exceed one year. The doctor may want to take part in this request from the employer, therefore it is good to have it available for the doctor´s meeting.


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